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How Swipe4Free Can Offset Labor Shortages

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit the U.S. in early 2020, it quickly became clear that most businesses in America would have to shut down. This mass shutdown led to widespread unemployment, and during this time many relied on state and federal agencies for assistance.

But with the worst of the Covid crisis now behind us, most businesses have reopened their doors, only to face a new kind of crisis: a labor shortage that has affected businesses small and large across the board. Individuals don’t want to go back to work for a variety of reasons, which means that business owners now have to offer more to new employees while raising the pay of those they already have to offset these labor shortages.

As costs rise, business owners are looking for ways to offset them, and many are finding a worthwhile and even lucrative opportunity in using Swipe4Free.

Passing Credit Card Fees on to the Customers

Operating a business short-staffed is usually a difficult task, and it can be expensive too—not only because a business owner has to pay more for the employees they have but also because business opportunities are lost by not having enough employees due to the labor shortage. But with Swipe4Free, a business owner can pass on credit card transaction fees to their customers, meaning they’ll get to keep 100% of profits from sales.

Customers who shop with a Swipe4Free partner are charged a “Surcharge Fee” (typically 3% of the sale price of an item or service) when they use a credit card, but this fee is waived if the customer elects to pay with cash. Swipe4Free is an ideal solution for businesses and entrepreneurs that strictly operate with cash. For a business that does thousands of transactions annually, conventional transaction fees can really add up. At a time like this, every penny counts, and business owners who understand this are finding great benefit in partnering with Swipe4Free.

Earn Passive Income by Recommending Swipe4Free

Swipe4Free also has a referral program through which business owners can earn passive income, sometimes in excess of $100,000 annually. A more detailed earnings breakdown can be found here. This is work that can be done from home and is a great generator of income for individuals who aren’t finding this in their main line of work. Individuals who have benefited from using Swipe4Free often have no trouble speaking to its usefulness, and these individuals can turn dozens of leads into customers in just one month. Business owners can not only generate a new source of residualized income by using Swipe4Free but can also help fellow business owners offset losses due to labor shortages by introducing them to Swipe4Free.

Offering a Range of Payment Processing Solutions

Swipe4Free is the first choice for businesses that need high-tech payment processing terminals, POS devices, virtual terminals, virtual gateways, and mobile swipers. Swipe4Free has a wide range of products, which means they have something for every kind of business.

Moreover, for those who have a POS system already, Swipe4Free can enable EMV card usage as well as provide pay-at-the-table solutions. Business owners who are looking for labor shortage solutions are finding Swipe4Free’s technology to be incredibly useful, as all their products are convenient, affordable, and easy to use. Some businesses have even cited Swipe4Free as the main reason why they were able to offset employee losses and stay afloat over the past several months.

About Swipe4Free

Swipe4Free is the nation’s number one dual pricing and surcharging platform. Founded by Leo Vartanov and Chris Benabu in 2015, Swipe4Free allows merchants to pass their credit card processing fees along to the customer by implementing a 3% surcharge fee to all customers who pay with credit cards. The surcharge fee is legal within all 50 states and is automatically waived when customers pay with cash or a gift card. The customers are made aware of the surcharge fee with signage and stickers that we provide for your place of business. You can place the signage on the door of the business as well as on/near the register where customers pay. We also provide language for online businesses to make customers aware of the surcharge fee. This 3% surcharge fee eliminates all your credit card processing fees, allowing you to keep 100% of the profits per transaction made with credit cards. Swipe4Free uses the 3% surcharge fee to cover interchange costs, authorization costs, transaction costs, and support for our merchants.

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