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Surcharging States

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Is Surcharging Legal?


Surcharging is rapidly gaining approval throughout the United States. Originally there were a total of 10 states that banned surcharging. As of 2023, Connecticut and Massachusetts are the only states that still do not allow merchants to apply surcharging fees. Colorado allows merchants to surcharge, but at a maximum of 2%. Previously states such as Texas, Oklahoma, and New York banned surcharging, but these states found in favor of the merchants, taking their side in the battle against credit card processing fees.

How Does Surcharging Work?

  • Signage must be posted at the entrance as well as the Point-of-Sale
  • Signage must state:
    • Exact amount or percentage of the Surcharge
    • Statement that a Surcharge is being assessed by the merchant
    • Surcharge is only assessed on credit card transactions
    • Surcharge is not greater than the MDR
  • Merchant must be registered with Mastercard 30 days before processing
  • Along with the merchant application, the merchant must also execute the Merchant Attestation

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