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Mobile Swipers

Charge Anywhere
Chipper BT

• Insert, Swipe, or Key-In Credit Card Transactions
• EMV Compatible
• Real-Time Transaction, Refund & Report Management
• Prompts for Tips, Clerk Number, Tax Percentage, Customer Number, etc.
• Customize, Email, & Print Receipts
• Electronic Signature Capture
• Accepts Gift/Loyalty & ACH, Credit, Cash, & Check
• Secure Application & Gateway
• Record Transaction Location (GPS)
• Store & Forward Offline Transactions
• Fits All Mobile Devices


Swipe4Free Integrates with a Variety of The Largest POS Systems

Swipe4Free can upgrade any existing POS systems to accept EMV cards and can provide Pay-At-The-Table solutions for your business.

+Many More!

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