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Your Own Bin

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Revolutionize and Grow Your Business with Swipe4Free's Bin-in-a-Box + CRM Program

In merchant services, it’s common to start out as a sales agent and then become an ISO as your portfolio grows.

When you start boarding 50 deals a month or more, it’s natural to start thinking about 1) how to get the lowest possible Schedule A, and 2) how to manage operations better to grow your ISO and earn bigger profits.

Swipe4Free Can Help
Our BIN-in-a-Box program with comprehensive proprietary CRM capabilities provides full pricing transparency, while solving operational pain points to help you revolutionize and scale your business.

Take your business to the next level without the financial obligation and infrastructure demands of being a full-fledged MSP!

Program Details: 

  • Establish your own unique BIN = Swipe4free’s actual Schedule A
  • Get paid directly from our sponsor bank = Full Residual Transparency
  • Tap into our lowest price tiers for Auth and Capture (high-level MSP pricing)
    • Account on File - $0.90/MID
    • Authorization - $0.0150/Transaction
  • Process your own agent residual payout using our proprietary CRM
  • Gain access to business tools and real-time data, including agent/sub-agent residuals and bonuses, balance sheets, merchant maintenance and support, merchant portfolio and ISO/agent reporting, and so much more with our proprietary CRM
  • Get merchants approved in as quickly as 10 minutes
  • Get bank settlement and residual reconciliation, processor billing reconciliation, underwriting, risk, and risk reporting support
Program Benefits:
  • Tremendously increase portfolio value (EBITDA vs. typical residual divisible sale)
  • Improve operations
  • Grow residuals and revenues
  • Gain control over pricing and payouts
  • Portfolio portability
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