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Important Update Regarding New York Credit Card Surcharge Guidance

Surcharging Is No Longer Allowed in New York State.


To Our Valued Partners,

Visa’s surcharge rules conflict with those of New York State.

Adhering to Visa’s surcharge rules in New York State will, in actuality, breach New York State’s regulations.

New York State’s regulations on surcharging actually mirror Visa’s dual pricing and cash discount regulations.

In simple terms, if a New York merchant follows Visa’s surcharge rules by adding a 3% fee on terminals and receipts and displays clear signage that a surcharge is being imposed, they will violate New York State rules.

For clarity, please see the PDFs below outlining New York State’s surcharge guidelines and examples of violations. These guidelines and examples of violations show how New York State’s surcharging rules conflict with Visa.

As a result, Merchant Industry will no longer permit surcharging in New York State.

NOTE: Dual Pricing merchants are still permitted in New York State as long as they follow all compliance rules.

Contact your Relationship Manager for any further clarification or information. You may also contact our ISO Support department at or 1.866.504.1888