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Esquire Bank’s Policy

Esquire Bank Policy Updates

To Our Valued Partners,

Recent updates have been made to Esquire’s Bank policy, which is effective immediately.

These changes are to ensure compliance with industry regulations and to maintain the highest standards of service.

Review the updates listed below.

Updated Merchant Attestation for Vape, E-Cig, Cigarette, Cigar, Tobacco, and Nicotine

  • Merchant acknowledges and agrees that Card Brand registration is required for Card Not Present only businesses.

  • Merchant acknowledges that Products are purchased from an FDA-licensed and verifiable manufacturer/distributor.

  • Merchant acknowledges the requirements set out in the PACT Act and will adhere to those rules.

Upcoming changes to the initial application registration and annual renewal fees for Visa and Mastercard, effective April 1, 2024.

Visa Fee Adjustments
Initial Application Registration Fee: $950 Annual Renewal Fee for Registered Merchants: $950 (applicable to all current Visa-registered merchants).
Mastercard Fee Structure
Initial Application Registration Fee: $500 Anniversary Renewal Fee: $500 (unchanged).

Summary of updated Card Brand Registrations fees effective April 1, 2024:
Card Brand Registrations
Business Type MCC Visa Fee Mastercard Fee
Digital Subscription (NOC/Trial) 5968 $500 N/A
Tangible Products Subscription “Negative Option” (NOC/Trial) 5968 $500 $500
Pharmacies (CNP) 5912 / 5122 $500 $500
Dating/Escort Services (CNP) 7273 $500 N/A
Adult Content (CNP) 5967 / 7841 $500 $500
Gambling 7801 / 7802 / 7995 $500 $500
Skill Games (CNP) 5816 / 7994 $500 $500
Tobacco Sales (CNP) 5993 $950 $500

Changes for CNP Tobacco/Vape Merchants

Esquire Bank will NO LONGER accept any merchants selling the following brand name products. This restriction applies to Card-Not-Present (CNP) Tobacco/Vape merchants ONLY.

  • Elf Bar
  • Esco Bars
  • EB Design
  • Lava
  • Cali
  • Bang
  • Kangertech

ITIN Requirements

An ITIN letter is NO longer required to be provided. Merchants must provide one of the following:

  • Valid Foreign Government issued Passport.
  • Driver’s License, Learner’s Permit, or other ID card issued by a state or possession of the United States that contains a photograph

Pawn Shops selling Firearms w/FFL

Effective immediately, Esquire Bank will accept Pawn Shops selling Firearms with the following requirements:

  • Valid Federal Firearms License (FFL)
  • Merchants will NOT be allowed to sell ONLY firearm parts to assemble firearms.
  • Each Merchant must provide an affidavit stating that no transactions will be processed at gun shows.
  • Merchants will be classified as High-Risk.
  • Merchants must be coded as MCC 5933 (Pawn Shops)

We understand that these updates may raise questions or concerns and are committed to addressing them as thoroughly as possible.

If you have any questions or require further clarification regarding this update, please do not hesitate to contact the Compliance Department at  or 1-866-811-1005 ext 121.