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Credit Policy Updates

Credit Policy Updates

To Our Valued Partners,

We want to inform you of recent updates to our credit policy that will take effect on September 1, 2023.

These changes aim to ensure compliance with industry regulations and maintain the highest standards of service.

Please review the following for a comprehensive understanding of the updates:

Newly Unacceptable SIC Codes

  • Travel Related Services
  • Lead Generation
  • Escort Services

Newly Acceptable SIC Codes

  • Online Firearm Sales – with a valid FFL license
  • Online Dating Services
  • Online Pharmacies

Continuing to Accept

  • Credit Repair services
  • Document Preparation services
  • Online Tobacco/Vape
  • SEO/Web Hosting Services
  • Negative Option Billing services

Changes in Nutraceuticals and Digital Goods Acceptance

  • Weight loss supplements, muscle/workout supplements, fat burners, and keto supplements will NO LONGER be accepted under different websites for a single legal entity/signor. These supplements must now be consolidated under a single URL.
  • Multiple eBook websites for one entity/signor are NO LONGER acceptable. All types of eBooks must be combined under one URL.

Updates on CBD Merchants

  • Products containing THCO are now considered PROHIBITED
  • All Delta-8 products should contain THC levels under 0.3%
  • Delta-8 restricted States:
    • Washington
    • Hawaii (due to administrative rule)
    • California (banned by regulatory authority)
    • New York (banned by regulatory authority)

For online CBD merchants, this information should be prominently displayed on their website to provide customers with accurate information about where delta-8 products are prohibited.

Please ensure that you review and make the necessary adjustments to your business operations to comply with these changes by the specified date.

We are committed to maintaining a strong and successful partnership, and these updates are crucial to that endeavor.