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As the payments industry's No.1 processor for Dual Processing, our technology and expertise can help you win and retain more business, all while earning more! 
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What is Dual Pricing?

Seen this Before
Consumers choose from two prices—one for cash and the other for cards.
Dual Pricing2 Prices
Dual Pricing is not just for gas pumps, but for retail price tags and signs, and restaurant menus as well. 

Dual Pricing Examples

POS terminals
Here's what compliant Dual Pricing looks like on POS terminals and PIN-Pads, as well as on receipts.
Dual Pricing Reverse Total
New Dual Pricing Reverse Total functionality on Valor terminals is perfect for businesses that list higher card prices on items and menus. 
Dual Pricing Welcome Kit
Our new Dual Pricing Welcome Kit provides detailed information about compliant terminal display and receipt set up, price tag and menu price guidance, and more.  
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The No. 1 Processor for Dual Pricing
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