Why Pay to Accept Credit Cards?

Why Should You Pay To Get Paid?

It doesn’t make sense that as a business owner you have to pay high processing fees to accept payments for the services/products you provide. Merchant processing fees reduce your bottom line and our Cash Discount Processing program will eliminate most of those fees immediately.

Keep What’s Yours

Cash Discount program was designed to meet the challenges small merchants face when accepting cards. Oftentimes merchants pay out a significant amount of their revenue to accept credit cards. Our cash discount program allows merchants to accept cards without losing revenue.

Cash discount is the Swipe4Free program that gives you unlimited processing for a flat monthly fee. Depending on the size of the transaction amount, a small service fee is passed through to the customer on all card transactions. The amount collected is used to cover processing and interchange cost allowing you, the merchant to save nearly all the money you are currently paying in fees.

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