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Frequently asked questions

Swipe4Free is the Nation’s #1 Dual Pricing credit card processing platform. Swipe4Free allows the merchant to pass their credit card processing fees onto their customers. Swipe4Free eliminates the typical 2.5%- over 4% the merchant typically pays to accept credit cards. Remember when a merchant accepts a payment of say $100 by credit card, they do not receive $100 they receive the $100 minus their Credit Card processing fee’s typically leaving them with about $97. Swipe4Free eliminates these fees, saving the merchant thousands of dollars per month!

Dual Pricing is when a merchant offers their items or goods/services in a cash price and card price. This is the same logic as in a Gas Station- There is a Cash price and a Credit Card price per gallon of gas. The cash price is lower than the credit card price because the business owner has to pay expensive credit card processing fees if you pay by credit card. If you pay by cash the merchant does not have to pay credit card processing fees. This incentivizes the customer to pay by cash in order to get a lower price. You are now rewarding the cash paying customers rather than the credit card paying customers that cost you a lot of money to accept because you are paying for their airline miles/rewards/cash back etc….

Every single business and business owner is a potential client. For those of you who have experience selling for different companies in different industries you know that a big part of any sales job is finding the right prospects. When you decide to sell Swipe4Free, you can sign up any business of any type and size. In today’s market, everyone accepts credit and debit cards and let’s face it what business is not looking to save money by eliminating those ridiculous credit card processing fees! Imagine selling something where you can walk into any business and offer them to get rid of one of their largest bills putting a lot of money back in their pockets! Business owners have it now harder than ever before to make a profit , imagine what they can do with all the savings you provide them!

In a credit card processing career, you can make 5 to 10 times your current income. It all depends on the work you put in.

If you’re a dedicated performer who spends 8 hours a day working with business owners, you could make upwards of $300,000 in a single calendar year.

If you currently are a B2B vendor and simply want to add this service as an added value to your existing customers – you can make an additional $50,000-$300,00 annually in passive income.

If you’re a more laid-back worker happy to make a comfortable $30,000 annually, that’s doable too.

The choice is yours, and the work you put in will be reflected in your recurring annual income.

Swipe4Free is one of those rare sales jobs that allows you to earn monthly residual income. As you build your base of customers, you’ll earn a monthly residual income based on how much credit card volume your customers’ businesses process. Typically, an average merchant on Swipe4Free yields us about $250.00 in profit per month. If you’re actively selling, your income will grow month over month.

The beauty about residual income is that it’s an asset, an asset that you can sell or leverage at any point. Swipe4Free is willing to buy a portion of your residual at a 12x divisible at any point.

For Example; you can sell $5k worth of your residual income and in return receive a lump sum payment of $60,000.

In what other industry or job is that possible?

One of the many benefits of pairing up with Swipe4Free is that we front you the cost of equipment and deduct it from your bonus or lease payout. As a Swipe4Free ISO you will never have out of pocket costs, and you can focus entirely on building your income.

Yes you can make substantial income from upfront activation bonuses typically ranging from $350-$400 per new approved merchant account! Once one of your new approved merchants begins to process our CRM will trigger a bonus which is direct deposited into your bank account twice weekly! The more new approved processing deals you get up and running the more upfront bonuses you will earn! Do the math if you get 10 new merchants set up this month you will earn $4,000 just in activation bonuses.

Absolutely, here at Swipe4Free we believe in our sales reps financial growth and so we outline a volume tiered structure which enables you to increase your residual split per tier met.

Since Swipe4Free charges the merchant no credit card processing fees typically the only time a merchant cancels is if they are going out of business. An average merchant should stay for the remainder of their businesses lifetime.

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