How to Avoid credit cards Annual Fee?

Avoid credit card annual fee? we offer annual fee reductions for credit cards, It is a worldwide fact that we all like the credit card benefits but what we don’t like the annual fee. Not all credit cards charge annual fees but the ones that do come with great benefits. The good news is that there are great different ways of getting rid of your credit card annual fees these days.

Best ways to avoid annual fee on credit cards:

The following are the few best ways to eliminate credit card processing bill:

  • Give an ultimatum:
    • This is the first thing that you can do to get your annual fee on credit cards waived. Rest assured that if you are a good customer to your bank, the bank will not want to lose you.
    • Therefore, tell your bank that you would cancel your card because of the annual fee, and you can ask them to retain you by waiving the annual fee. Keep in mind these few points to make sure you get a positive answer:
  • Be a good customer. Use your card whenever you can and use it a lot.
  • Make sure that you are calling the bank to get the waiver within the 30 days, time period.
  • Your credit matters a lot. You must have always paid your bills on time, or at least never exhausted the limit.
  • Make sure your credit score is good and you have earned a lot of membership points.
  • Choose the best offer: Your credit card company will not want to lose you as a customer if you have been using your card a lot. They will offer you attractive options. Options like a bunch of reward points, increase in credit limit, balance transfer offers, etc. See to it that you stick to your objective, which is getting your annual fee waived.
  • Show respect and negotiate:
    • It is very important that you show respect to the agent you speak to. Many time it is in the hands of the agent who answers your phone call to straight away waive off the annual fee on credit card for you. Make sure that your case is strong and factual and at the same time be polite and request.
    • In case the agent is not able to help you, be ready to wait, take a reference number to the conversation, follow up on the matter, request the supervisor to speak to you, show a strong positive attitude towards the card you’re using and also point out your tenure of business with the company.
  • The right choice or downgrade:
    • You will get a few choices, try to avoid cancellation and opt for other options. Before applying for a credit card you must always check whether there is an annual fee on the card or not. Sometimes credit card companies give you the first year free on certain cards.
    • Make sure you read these terms carefully. Look for a card with maximum benefits and minimum annual fee, you can also look for cards with no annual fee altogether. In case you have a card which has a high annual fee and you want to get a reduction in the annual fee one of the most common ways is to downgrade the card to get your fee waived and not to be charged any future annual fees.
    • Some credit card issuers offer variations of a selected card. A top rate model may also bring excessive rewards for an annual charge, even as every other version may also carry a decrease rewards shape, however no annual fee. If you’ve got an annual fee credit score card and also you no longer assume you are recouping sufficient rewards to justify it, you could want to call your company and see if there is a fee-free version of the card you can downgrade to.
  • Cancel Your Credit Card:
    • If you are not happy with the service from the credit card processing company and don’t see value in maintaining the card with you, you should cancel it instantly.
    • The ultimate manner to keep away from paying an annual fee is to cancel your card altogether. Most credit card issuers assist you to cancel your card within 30 to 60 days of being billed the annual price and get hold of the fee lower back inside the shape of a announcement credit. In addition, most banks allow cardholders to cancel their card at any time during the year and get hold of a pro-rated refund of their annual fee. Closing a credit score card can harm your credit score, so weigh your other options carefully earlier than resorting to that motion. Do not immediately cancel your card right now after receiving your sign up bonus. Wait until there are approximately 2-three months left earlier than your annual fee is due. This is an exact time to call your financial institution and negotiate the credit card fee.
    • When it comes time to cancel your card or try and keep away from the yearly charge you may get a reminder email. You can postpone it or mark it entire as soon as you have handled all of your tour credit score playing cards.

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