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Zero Fee Merchant Services

                    Credit card processing fees can be extremely expensive for companies, but they can be a thing of the past when you use our zero fee merchant services. Here at Swipe 4 Free, we have been offering businesses top of the line processing solutions, without charging them a dime. You may wonder how this is possible, and how you can take advantage. Well, it is actually simpler than you might think.
With the current setup, most companies have to pay anywhere from 3-4% (and sometimes more) of the transaction price to their credit card processing company. For some businesses, this can add up to thousands of dollars per month. When you have our zero-fee merchant services account, however, you don’t pay those costs. Instead, we apply a 4% surcharge to each transaction as it occurs. This means that your customers will be paying for this expense directly, rather than having it come out of your pocket.

Customers Don’t Mind

                     Customers today are quite savvy when it comes to how things work, and what things cost. We’ve found that when merchants switch over to our zero fee merchant services, the vast majority of their customers don’t even notice the added 4% fee. Of those who do, most of them immediately understand what it is and are fine with it. Those who do question why this fee is being charged to them tend to be very understanding when given a quick explanation.
These customers know that the costs of accepting credit cards is factored into the process of goods, so they are already paying it. Having this surcharge on the bill actually provides them with a greater level of control. If they don’t like paying the surcharge, they can opt to use cash and save the money. Some merchants choose to put up a small sign at the register explaining this as well, which can help to avoid upset customers.

See How Much You Save Each Month

                     When you have a zero fee merchant services account with us, we won’t send you a bill each month. Instead, we can send you a breakdown of how much you are saving. This notification will show how much your customers have paid via the surcharge, and how much it would have cost you if you were using a traditional credit card processing company. We think you will be quite impressed each time you look. We can also show you a comparison of what a typical merchant sees in savings before you even sign up to help make the decision easier. These savings can be passed on to your customers in lower (more competitive) prices, or they can be added to your profits each month!

Contact Us Today

                         If you would like to learn more about our zero fee merchant services accounts, or to see how much your business can save, please give us a call at 1-855-345-0040. One of our customer service professionals will be happy to go over all your options and help get your zero-fee merchant services account started right away.